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Our Story

What we do - the story of Hello Moon. Image of products

Hello Moon was created by three brothers; Jake, Jude and Saul, who wanted something different for their kids bedrooms. They wanted something fun, quirky and original; something that could be personalised for their own family and friends, and look good in their homes! Unable to find anything suitable, they enlisted the help of their good friend (and fantastic illustrator) Emma, who has helped them come up with some great sketches (as they can't draw for toffee!).

Emma is our illustrator and artist. As a mum, she's bursting with great ideas for fun characters, and finds nothing more exciting than taking her drawings home to see if her little boy likes them. Usually he does, which is great news for us! Emma also enjoys turning her illustrative techniques towards the more sophisticated humour of our grown up prints - giving them the quirky edge that we hope you'll love as much as we do!

James is our graphic designer and typographic genius! When not creating stunning designs for your homes, he's usually designing vibrant banners and making sure that the Hello Moon website looks pretty. If your choice of artwork needs to be tweaked to accommodate a longer name, James is your man!

Matt handles the technical side of the Hello Moon website, ensuring that all product listings work properly, and that every link takes you to the right place! Although Matt is also a designer, he spends most of his time staring at lines of code, looking for ways to optimise the functionality of our site (it looks like something from the Matrix to us!).

Saul is the youngest of the three brothers that run Hello Moon, and a new Dad himself. He is our 'go to' man, handling the marketing of our lovely site and ensuring that all prints arrive safely and on time. He is a very sociable fellow, and is always on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, looking for new ideas and generally cool stuff to inspire Emma and James.

Jake, the middle brother, came up with the initial idea of having everything on Hello Moon personalised. Pushing the boundaries even further, Jake introduced a system that would allow customers to see their personalised products, on screen, before purchasing them. We're very proud of this system, as it enables you to choose one of Emma's lovely, hand drawn designs, then type a name over the top. No more wondering what the poster will look like when it's delivered!

Jude is the eldest of the 3 brothers, and as such, keeps us all in line! When you mix a bunch of creative people, someone needs to keep everyone in check. He makes sure that the products we post are of the best quality, and are going to make you happy. Jude makes sure that we provide you with products that you'll not only want, but you'll cherish for years to come!

Characters for Hello Moon drawn on paper

What we do

We create the kind of artwork that we love and would buy ourselves. Our hearts and souls have been poured into these designs and we want you to love having them in your home too.

We're just getting started and we're always adding to our collection. Soon we'll have unique and stylish prints for every possible occasion, and for every one of those special people in your life! We just need to keep Emma drawing – she can have a break next year!

If you like what we do or have any suggestions we’d love to hear from you, drop us a line at hello@hellomoon.co.uk